User Reports

Are you using StudyForge to it’s full capacity? It’s amazing how often we hear from teachers, ‘I didn’t know it could tell me that! That’s awesome!’

Well we are going to start a short series highlighting some of the great reports available for online teachers and campus teachers in StudyForge.

The first of the features we want to highlight is the Course Progress reports for a user.

Did you know that you could log in, and with a few clicks see this: Continue reading

The Blog is Live

Welcome to the StudyForge Blog.

This is going to be the centre for all StudyForge related news. This blog will keep you updated on upcoming training events. It will teach you how to use StudyForge and take advantage of all that it has to offer. It will also let you know of new features as we implement them and may even give you an inside look into upcoming, unreleased features. Be sure to check back here often, or follow this blog via email using the button on the right to make sure you are always in the know when it comes to StudyForge.

Take a look at our About page to find out more about this blog as well as our Home page to find out more about StudyForge.