Course Progress – Groups

Just before Christmas, we took the favourite reports page of online teachers added the ability to use this in “view as a group” mode, which campus teachers who are often synchronous really appreciate! If you choose “view as a group” and select a course you want to see progress for… you will see something that looks like this:


This is sortable, so we can compare who has done a lot, and who has not! You can also drill down on an individual student by clicking on a bar, just as before.


However something that is not immediately obvious, is that we can select a chapter here:


This allows us to be able to compare everyone’s progress in the current unit you might working on, for those of us who are using StudyForge in a synchronous manner.

We can even go lower and view progress in a class across a single lesson, which gives us a great measure of who did their homework last night, and who didn’t!


As usual, we want to hear your feedback on this, especially from those using StudyForge in the blended classroom, and let us know how you are using this feature or others. Happy forging everyone!