About the StudyForge Blog

What is StudyForge?

StudyForge is the future of digital learning. It is curriculaware that combines both curriculum and custom software wrapped up into one amazing educational product. With rich interactive video media lessons, combined with intuitive practice, endless customizability, and user reporting and tracking tools, StudyForge is the math and science online textbook you have been waiting for.

For more general information about what StudyForge is please check out the StudyForge homepage.

What is this blog?

While StudyForge is instruction and practice for students, it is so much more. It is a teacher tool designed by teachers from both online and blended classroom contexts. It is constantly improving and new features are being added all the time.

This blog is for teachers, students and administrators who use StudyForge. This blog is also for anyone who is interested in what we are doing. Follow this blog in order to stay updated with everything that StudyForge currently has to offer, as well as everything that is just around the corner.