Come See Us!

We’ve been busy – and likely, so have you!

This summer we launched our new BC Compliant Grades 7 through 9 courses and are getting fantastic feedback. It’s not too late to still implement for this year! And we are constantly making upgrades to videos and improving the courses we already offer.

We are working hard on our plan to have Grades 10-12 ready for next fall.

But we are still reaching out! Our conference schedule starts up in full swing this month and we hope to see you there! Bring your questions – your suggestions – your feedback. We want to talk to you!

You can find us here:

BCAMT – October 21 2016 – Gladstone Secondary, Vancouver
blendED – October 23-25 2016 – Radisson Hotel, Edmonton South, Alberta

iNACOL – October 25-28 2016 – San Antonio, Texas

Bring it Together – November 9-11 2016 – Niagra Falls, Ontario

Image result for fetc logo
Future of Education Technology – January 24-27 2017- Orlando, Florida

Canadian eLearning Network
CANeLearn Symposium – April 5-7 2017 – Vancouver, British Columbia


Is there somewhere else you think we should be this year! Please let us know!

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