New Feature: Add Images to Question Workspace

So you have spoken and we have listened. Students who have been longing to draw on diagrams from the questions, without having to redraw them can finally make that happen! And beyond that, students can upload pictures of their own work right to the question editor. It’s all possible with this new icon here:


Now once you click on that, you will be able to select any images that are viewable by clicking on them.


You will notice that if images show up in answers or detailed solutions, those won’t be visible here until after the learner has encountered them and has them open on the screen:


Once you choose an image, then you have a chance to place it and resize it. (Tip: hold “shift” down to maintain aspect ratio when resizing!)


Once the image is placed it can’t be moved, because students need to be able to write on it! If you aren’t happy with where it ended up, just “undo” and re-add the picture, or use the eraser tool to get rid of it. The undo function works great with images.

Now that this is in the web version of questions, we are making this the last feature in the iPad and Android tablet apps update, which should make it on the store some time next week. We will keep you posted! Happy forging everyone.

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