GeoGebra – An Invaluable Tool

If you’ve taught with StudyForge in some of the higher levels grades, you’ve probably come across some of our GeoGebra applets in the course.

Honestly, we don’t have as many of them as we’d like, and are working hard to create more and intertwine them with the curriculum. With the current British Columbia content upgrade scheduled for 2016/2017, we plan to create more of these to let the learner explore the concepts themselves. That being said – stay tuned for our exciting release next week in regards to the new curriculum.

But that being said, where we do have them in the course, we find them invaluable. With some simple drags or clicks by the students, they are able to explore how changing one thing may make a huge change in how a function looks or acts.

For instanced in Grade 12 level math, across most regions, students are expected to graph Trigonometric Functions.  Take a look at this image:


This applet is designed so that the student can click and drag the point on the circle around, and at the same time watch what happens to the different Trigonometric Ratios, specifically the tangent ratio. The hope here, is with the guidance of the two questions at the bottom, the students will be able to see that tangent is undefined at certain values, creating asymptotes where the function is approaching infinity or negative infinity.

These applets can be created by anyone! It takes some playing around in GeoGebra to get used to what kind of input it wants and how to create different shapes but once you’ve got it figured out it can be a super helpful tool.

Let us know if you’ve made any cool applets, we’d love to check them out! Remember, you can add links and text below the videos in your StudyForge course, so if you’ve got something cool you want your students to look at, feel free to add it there!

And don’t forget to check out and see what is available to you as an instructor.

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