The NEW Teacher Dashboard

Well the time has come, StudyForge is launching the new Teacher Dashboard (in beta). We’ve been talking about our dreams of creating this for a while now, but it’s actually happening. Our developer has finally had some time to focus in and be creative and boy are we excited with the results!

Teachers, we really believe your daily workflow will be transformed with this newest feature!

Now you can sit down, open your computer, and In just a few clicks, see who was working recently and get suggestions on which of your learners either needs help or some guidance.

Maybe you had a chance to catch up on Monday, but were slammed with emails all day Tuesday, so Wednesday morning you sit down and generate a report for the last 48 hours. All in a glance you can see who was actively working on their course, and which students you need to pay some specific attention too.

You will be given notification about targeted behaviour of students. Are they consistently viewing the answers to practice questions shortly after opening the question themselves? Are they not really watching the videos but skimming right to the very end? And then if you choose, you can drill down to see which questions they were working on, and which videos they jumped over.

Then after a few simple clicks, you’re ready to draft an email to help correct the student’s behaviours before it’s too late.

Not only will you be able to ‘catch’ those rushing through, but you’ll be able to help those struggling with the concepts. You’ll be able to tell when one student spends countless amounts of time on just a few practice questions. With a quick email the next day, you’ll be able to directly help them with the concepts and hopefully give them that bit of encouragement then need to keep going!

Take a look at the image below to see a preview of the new page:


The beta report has been released, and you can find it under the ‘Reports’ menu in the StudyForge navigation. Please let us know if there are other student behaviors you’d like to be made aware of, or if something doesn’t seem to be functioning like you think it should!

This is how we make StudyForge better and so we’d love to hear from you!

We look forward to hearing your feedback and hope that this is something that will make your connecting with students more timely and efficient!

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