BC’s New Math 7-9 Curriculum

Are you a current StudyForge user who uses our BC aligned Math 7, 8 and/or 9? Are you wondering what’s happening coming September?

Don’t worry, we’ll be ready!

We are working hard to create resources for you that will meet and exceed all the expectations of the new outcomes.

This will include:

  • Updated StudyForge courses:
    • New StudyForge videos for the new content being introduced.
    • New  videos for all chapters, that will catch the students attention, create a moment of inquiry (‘How are we going to fix the problem’) and lead into the lessons.
  • Updated Teacher Resource Packages:
    • Projects, (two or three) per chapter that will adhere to the inquiry based, student led learning.
    • Mastery Assignments – as currently in your StudyForge courses, these will be updated and revamped to include all new content as needed.
    • Chapter Tests

And … even though the new outcomes themselves are not going to be finalized until June 1st, we are already working with the latest drafts to make sure that we are ahead of the game and will be ready for the changes.

So don’t be afraid, StudyForge will be ready for the new curriculum, and that means you will be too! We plan to have new course shells released August 15th, which gives you and your school plenty of time to rearrange if necessary. If you require anything sooner, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to talk about our plans and try to incorporate any suggestions you might have as well.

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