Come See Us!

We’ve been busy – and likely, so have you!

This summer we launched our new BC Compliant Grades 7 through 9 courses and are getting fantastic feedback. It’s not too late to still implement for this year! And we are constantly making upgrades to videos and improving the courses we already offer.

We are working hard on our plan to have Grades 10-12 ready for next fall.

But we are still reaching out! Our conference schedule starts up in full swing this month and we hope to see you there! Bring your questions – your suggestions – your feedback. We want to talk to you!

You can find us here:

BCAMT – October 21 2016 – Gladstone Secondary, Vancouver
blendED – October 23-25 2016 – Radisson Hotel, Edmonton South, Alberta

iNACOL – October 25-28 2016 – San Antonio, Texas

Bring it Together – November 9-11 2016 – Niagra Falls, Ontario

Image result for fetc logo
Future of Education Technology – January 24-27 2017- Orlando, Florida

Canadian eLearning Network
CANeLearn Symposium – April 5-7 2017 – Vancouver, British Columbia


Is there somewhere else you think we should be this year! Please let us know!

Foundations of Math 12

You’ve asked … we’ve delivered!

BC Foundations of Math 12 is ready to roll! The Alberta version of the course will follow shortly.


If your interested in expanding your course offerings please contact us at and we’d be happy to set you up with a Teacher Resource Package! If you’d like to take a look before jumping in, let us know as well and we’d be happy to set you up in a demo of the course.

Like our other mastery StudyForge courses, this course is set up the same way. With Mastery Assignments for every chapter, and chapter tests with both multiple choice and written portions. At the end of the course, is a course project and presentation to finish off with!

We look forward to hearing from you!
The StudyForge Team 🙂


GeoGebra – An Invaluable Tool

If you’ve taught with StudyForge in some of the higher levels grades, you’ve probably come across some of our GeoGebra applets in the course.

Honestly, we don’t have as many of them as we’d like, and are working hard to create more and intertwine them with the curriculum. With the current British Columbia content upgrade scheduled for 2016/2017, we plan to create more of these to let the learner explore the concepts themselves. That being said – stay tuned for our exciting release next week in regards to the new curriculum.

But that being said, where we do have them in the course, we find them invaluable. With some simple drags or clicks by the students, they are able to explore how changing one thing may make a huge change in how a function looks or acts.

For instanced in Grade 12 level math, across most regions, students are expected to graph Trigonometric Functions.  Take a look at this image:


This applet is designed so that the student can click and drag the point on the circle around, and at the same time watch what happens to the different Trigonometric Ratios, specifically the tangent ratio. The hope here, is with the guidance of the two questions at the bottom, the students will be able to see that tangent is undefined at certain values, creating asymptotes where the function is approaching infinity or negative infinity.

These applets can be created by anyone! It takes some playing around in GeoGebra to get used to what kind of input it wants and how to create different shapes but once you’ve got it figured out it can be a super helpful tool.

Let us know if you’ve made any cool applets, we’d love to check them out! Remember, you can add links and text below the videos in your StudyForge course, so if you’ve got something cool you want your students to look at, feel free to add it there!

And don’t forget to check out and see what is available to you as an instructor.

The NEW Teacher Dashboard

Well the time has come, StudyForge is launching the new Teacher Dashboard (in beta). We’ve been talking about our dreams of creating this for a while now, but it’s actually happening. Our developer has finally had some time to focus in and be creative and boy are we excited with the results!

Teachers, we really believe your daily workflow will be transformed with this newest feature!

Now you can sit down, open your computer, and In just a few clicks, see who was working recently and get suggestions on which of your learners either needs help or some guidance.

Maybe you had a chance to catch up on Monday, but were slammed with emails all day Tuesday, so Wednesday morning you sit down and generate a report for the last 48 hours. All in a glance you can see who was actively working on their course, and which students you need to pay some specific attention too.

You will be given notification about targeted behaviour of students. Are they consistently viewing the answers to practice questions shortly after opening the question themselves? Are they not really watching the videos but skimming right to the very end? And then if you choose, you can drill down to see which questions they were working on, and which videos they jumped over.

Then after a few simple clicks, you’re ready to draft an email to help correct the student’s behaviours before it’s too late.

Not only will you be able to ‘catch’ those rushing through, but you’ll be able to help those struggling with the concepts. You’ll be able to tell when one student spends countless amounts of time on just a few practice questions. With a quick email the next day, you’ll be able to directly help them with the concepts and hopefully give them that bit of encouragement then need to keep going!

Take a look at the image below to see a preview of the new page:


The beta report has been released, and you can find it under the ‘Reports’ menu in the StudyForge navigation. Please let us know if there are other student behaviors you’d like to be made aware of, or if something doesn’t seem to be functioning like you think it should!

This is how we make StudyForge better and so we’d love to hear from you!

We look forward to hearing your feedback and hope that this is something that will make your connecting with students more timely and efficient!

Course Progress – Groups

Just before Christmas, we took the favourite reports page of online teachers added the ability to use this in “view as a group” mode, which campus teachers who are often synchronous really appreciate! If you choose “view as a group” and select a course you want to see progress for… you will see something that looks like this:


This is sortable, so we can compare who has done a lot, and who has not! You can also drill down on an individual student by clicking on a bar, just as before.


However something that is not immediately obvious, is that we can select a chapter here:


This allows us to be able to compare everyone’s progress in the current unit you might working on, for those of us who are using StudyForge in a synchronous manner.

We can even go lower and view progress in a class across a single lesson, which gives us a great measure of who did their homework last night, and who didn’t!


As usual, we want to hear your feedback on this, especially from those using StudyForge in the blended classroom, and let us know how you are using this feature or others. Happy forging everyone!

BC’s New Math 7-9 Curriculum

Are you a current StudyForge user who uses our BC aligned Math 7, 8 and/or 9? Are you wondering what’s happening coming September?

Don’t worry, we’ll be ready!

We are working hard to create resources for you that will meet and exceed all the expectations of the new outcomes.

This will include:

  • Updated StudyForge courses:
    • New StudyForge videos for the new content being introduced.
    • New  videos for all chapters, that will catch the students attention, create a moment of inquiry (‘How are we going to fix the problem’) and lead into the lessons.
  • Updated Teacher Resource Packages:
    • Projects, (two or three) per chapter that will adhere to the inquiry based, student led learning.
    • Mastery Assignments – as currently in your StudyForge courses, these will be updated and revamped to include all new content as needed.
    • Chapter Tests

And … even though the new outcomes themselves are not going to be finalized until June 1st, we are already working with the latest drafts to make sure that we are ahead of the game and will be ready for the changes.

So don’t be afraid, StudyForge will be ready for the new curriculum, and that means you will be too! We plan to have new course shells released August 15th, which gives you and your school plenty of time to rearrange if necessary. If you require anything sooner, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to talk about our plans and try to incorporate any suggestions you might have as well.

User Reports

Are you using StudyForge to it’s full capacity? It’s amazing how often we hear from teachers, ‘I didn’t know it could tell me that! That’s awesome!’

Well we are going to start a short series highlighting some of the great reports available for online teachers and campus teachers in StudyForge.

The first of the features we want to highlight is the Course Progress reports for a user.

Did you know that you could log in, and with a few clicks see this: Continue reading

The Blog is Live

Welcome to the StudyForge Blog.

This is going to be the centre for all StudyForge related news. This blog will keep you updated on upcoming training events. It will teach you how to use StudyForge and take advantage of all that it has to offer. It will also let you know of new features as we implement them and may even give you an inside look into upcoming, unreleased features. Be sure to check back here often, or follow this blog via email using the button on the right to make sure you are always in the know when it comes to StudyForge.

Take a look at our About page to find out more about this blog as well as our Home page to find out more about StudyForge.